Abstract: Virtual Infrastructures VIs emerged from the combination of two dynamic provisioning technologies: computational resources, consolidated by Computational Clouds, and virtual networks, explored by the Computational Cloud providers.


By combining these technologies, the VIs concept is transforming the Internet into a broad set of virtual resources through which computing, storage and communication services can be reserved and provisioned dynamically for different users and applications. Although this behavioral and functional metamorphosis of Internet resources represents an advance in the delivery of on-demand services, it raises important questions regarding the security and verifiability of service level agreements between users and providers. In this new scenario, the user has no knowledge about the physical organization of the resources and must entrust the service provider with the action of establishing reliable and quality control services. These services are established during the VI specification process, and must be guaranteed throughout the time period of their existence. The fact is that users have different security requirements, which are usually characterized according to the behavior and purpose of their applications. In this context, this project would investigate which security and monitoring requirements (including their relationship) could be defined and configured by users during the establishment of the service level agreement.d by users during the establishment of the service level agreement.