Colméia is a group composed of professors and students from the UDESC Center of Technological Sciences (CCT-UDESC Joinville), having common interests in the use, research and development of computational systems in Open Source Software and Hardware.


OpenStack Brasil
OpenStack is based on the principles of on-demand service delivery from three main pillars: computing, networks and storage. It's a very recent project that has revolutionized the delivery method of infrastructure. In Brazil there is the OpenStackBr community, TCHE cloud's cpartner, who invited LabP2D to host a very interesting hangout, which was attended by professors and collaborators, a fact of great pride for the cloud and its creators.


O GRADIS was formed in 2003 by professors from the Santa Catarina State University (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - UDESC). Its objective is to study and research the topics related to computer networks and parallel and distributed computing.


FAPESC assists in the equipment acquisition and financing of several researches conducted in LabP2D.


NVIDIA provided the GPUs used in the LabP2D activities.